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Mathematics Assessment Practice

Here you can practice doing the various parts of the Stony Brook mathematics assessment. These interactive exams are randomly generated from a large list of questions, so you can take each of them more than once.

These assessments were designed to be done with pencil and paper at hand, but do not use a calculator or reference materials.

Unlike the actual assessment, the practice tests are untimed, and no grades are recorded, so you don't need to sign in. There is one question per page, although if you wish to skip ahead or return to a previous problem, you can do so using the next and back buttons on the page.

Use the navigation controls on the page, rather than those of your browser. Do not use the reload button on your browser, or you will get a new exam, losing all your work. If you close the exam window or quit, you should get a different version when you return.

Once you have answered all the questions you can, click the grade button, and you will be told if you have answered enough correctly to pass this section. After grading, you can choose view details to get a detailed list of exactly which questions you got wrong, and what the right answers were.

Note that, like first year mathematics courses, the parts of the assessment are sequential, so it is best to master the earlier parts before attempting later ones. You may want to review the list of topics covered on each part before beginning. You should concentrate on the parts corresponding to mathematics courses you have already taken.

If you prefer, there is a printable version of all parts of the assessment. However, keep in mind that this is much shorter, and only one version. This file is in PDF format, so you may need to install appropriate software on your computer, such as the Adobe Acrobat.

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