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Math Assessment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why do I need to take the Math Assessment?

Stony Brook offers several different first-year math courses. Each goes at its own speed, so it is important that you register for the course best suited to your needs, abilities, and level of preparation. The assessment indicates which course is best suited to you.

Who has to take the assessment?

All incoming students must complete the assessment before their Orientation date. In rare situations, students who have transfer credit for advanced mathematics courses may receive an exception.

How do I prepare for the assessment?

You can prepare for the assessment by completing practice questions which are available HERE. The purpose of the Math Assessment is to measure your mathematical skills at this given time. To accurately determine your ability, it is essential that you rely only on what you know, without using calculators, books, and/or friends.

What topics will the assessment cover?

The assessment covers topics ranging from algebra, pre-calculus, and single variable calculus. A complete list of topics is available on the assessment website. The assessment is organized sequentially, meaning each section builds upon skills you have exhibited in previous sections. You must pass one section to advance to the next.

When should I complete the assessment?

We encourage you to complete the assessment once you have had plenty of time to practice the concepts. However, it is important that you complete the assessment prior to your scheduled Orientation session.

What happens after the assessment?

Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive individualized advice regarding the courses that are best suited to your abilities. At Orientation, you will receive advisement and additional information regarding your placement.

What if I am currently taking or plan to take a college-level math course or AP exam?

You should still complete the Math Assessment. Once your final transcript or official AP scores are received, we may be able to adjust your placement. Please be sure to have all final records (transcripts, etc.) sent to Admissions as soon as they are available.

I already scheduled a proctored exam, but I can't make it then. How do I reschedule?

Just go back to the scheduling page on SOLAR (under "New Student Information"), and sign up for a new date.

I took the exam but know I can do better. May I retake it?

You can take the proctored exam up to two times during an academic year. To retake the exam, just schedule a new sitting (see the previous question).

For all other questions

If you have any questions that are not answered in this document, you can visit the Math Assessment website, or email assessment@math.stonybrook.edu.

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